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Welcome to the Digital Advertising of The Munsif Daily Hyderabad. The Munsif Daily has re-launched its websites after renovating them, after which these websites have become the first choice of digital readers. Our Websites receive millions of hits daily from home and abroad. Hundreds of thousands of people daily stay up to date with the latest news on Munsif’s English and Urdu websites and read favorite content as there are numerous articles on Munsif as well as articles on various topics.

The Munsif Daily hosts the popular websites:

There is no doubt that fast news delivery and updates are our utmost priority. In this case, no website can compete with us. From local to national and regional to international news, there is no one who is equal in the matter of news, while the unique articles that are published on various topics have a large readership numbering in the millions. Millions of people visit our websites daily to quench their thirst for reading.

In addition to news, there is huge content availble in various categories of health, sports, business, science & technology, religion, politics, entertainment, education, automobiles, digital technology and more.

It is a fact that millions of people visit Munsif’s website every day, so advertisers have the opportunity to reach millions of people through our websites. Commercial, educational, medical and other organizations can make a profit by expanding their sales and business by reaching millions of people around the world daily through their advertisements on our websites.

The brand of Munsif at home and abroad is so strong that it needs no further introduction. People visit websites only in the name of the Munsif. You can further strengthen your business by taking advantage of the Munsif brand.

We have various schemes and packages available for advertising. Reach people around the world and make a name for yourself with all kinds of ads, such as static, dynamic and videos.

For Packages, Schemes and Tarrif please contact us on +91 91006 00276 – or – write to us on [email protected].


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