Hyderabad District Election Officer Implements Innovative Measures to Boost Voter Turnout in Assembly Elections

Hyderabad: Innovative steps are being taken to increase voter turnout in the upcoming Hyderabad District Assembly elections,” stated Ronald Rose, the District Election Officer and GHMC Commissioner. He outlined various measures, including encouraging early voting due to a limited voting window, and deploying booth-level officers for door-to-door visits to inform voters about their polling stations and distribute informative pamphlets.

In addition to extensive voting awareness programs across the twin cities, booth-level officers will affix ‘proud to be a voter’ stickers on households to motivate citizens to participate in large numbers. Rose mentioned that approximately one lakh pamphlets and stickers will be distributed in each of the 15 constituencies in Hyderabad district. Booth-level officers are providing daily reports to returning officers, with a special focus on engaging young first-time voters in poll duties.

District election officials are also conducting a ‘Recheck your vote’ campaign to urge voters to verify their names on the revised list. To address the previous low turnout (less than 50%) in Hyderabad, voter information slips will be distributed promptly after nominations. On election day, along with the main voter list, Rose instructed officials to ensure that the Absentee, Shifted, Duplicate, or Deceased (ASD) list is also handed over to the polling officers. This same list will be used for issuing voter slips. The final date for voters to register or make corrections is October 31, and citizens can apply through the Voter Helpline app, the CEO Telangana website, or by calling the toll-free helpline at 1950.

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