Hyderabad: 14-Year-Old Jumps from 35th Floor in Gachibowli Due to Academic Stress

Hyderabad: On Monday night, a 14-year-old boy tragically jumped from the 35th floor of a Gachibowli apartment complex, reportedly due to academic pressure. He was a 10th-grade student at an international school in the same area.

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His father works as a financial analyst, while his mother is a businesswoman. Around 7 pm, he messaged his mother, expressing his distress and informing her that he was going out. In the message, he also pleaded with the family to be supportive of his younger brother and take good care of him. After sending this message, his phone was turned off, causing his mother to initiate a frantic search.

Together with security personnel, she combed through the apartment’s hallways and open spaces, but they couldn’t locate him.

At approximately 2:30 am, the mother filed a missing person report with the Raidurgam police. They, along with the family, continued their search efforts. It was at 6:45 am on Tuesday that his lifeless body was discovered near the J Block. “The family resides in H Block, and his body was found near J Block. Due to the darkness, no one noticed it during the night,” commented a Raidurgam police officer.

Inspector M Mahesh of Raidurgam mentioned that their investigation did not uncover any evidence of the boy’s strong interest in online gaming or any other subject that might have contributed to his drastic decision. Madhapur DCP G Sundeep stated that academic stress seemed to be the primary factor behind the tragic incident.

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