Lalu calls Bihar CM Nitish as ‘most arrogant’

Lalu Prasad's statement came a day after Nitish Kumar said that he does not take notice of Lalu Prasad, 'who only talks but never delivers'.

Patna: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Chief Lalu Prasad on Tuesday targeted Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and said that he was the most arrogant person in the country.

“He (Nitish Kumar) was eyeing the chair of prime minister. His party leaders projected him as PM material. The BJP top leadership is well aware of this fact. Once his dream of becoming Prime Minister of the country broke down, he sat in the lap of BJP and formed the government in Bihar,” Lalu said.

Lalu Prasad’s statement came a day after Nitish Kumar said that he does not take notice of Lalu Prasad, ‘who only talks but never delivers’.

“He talked when he was in jail and got publicity. He is talking now after coming out from jail and doing the same. Who is stopping him? Let him do whatever he wants. I do not want to comment on him,” Nitish Kumar said.

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Reacting on the ongoing infighting in the Congress party, Lalu said that the top leadership of the party is well aware of what contributions have been made by the RJD to support the grand old party at the Centre.

“The small leaders who are employed in the Congress party do not understand our contribution. I do not take notice of these leaders. I strongly believe that the Congress party is still leading the opposition parties in the country and making opposition parties united,” Lalu said.

Reacting on the by-election, Lalu Prasad said that there is no doubt that RJD is going to win both the seats of Tarapur and Kusheshwar Asthan.

“Tejashwi led the party impressively in Bihar. He has already appeared as a strong leader against the ruling NDA,” he said.

The Narendra Modi government has broken the bones of common people through the price rise of everything. The price of petrol and diesel are sky high. When BJP was in opposition, its leaders had made an issue of it and now no one is talking about it when petrol and diesel prices are above Rs 100 per liter,” Lalu Prasad said.


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