Rare Cosmic Phenomenon Causes Mysterious Red Glow in the Skies

In various parts of the US and Europe, people were captivated by a mysterious red glow in the skies initially mistaken for auroras.

However, experts clarified that this phenomenon was actually Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arcs, observed during a potent G3-class geomagnetic storm caused by two Coronal Mass Ejections on November 4 and 5.

The weekend event led to low-latitude auroras visible in Texas and Arizona, later identified as SAR arcs. Unlike traditional auroras, SAR arcs indicate heat energy leaking into the upper atmosphere from Earth’s ring current system during geomagnetic storms. Cameras worldwide captured this unique occurrence.

The stunning celestial event was also visible in India. Red auroral activity, attributed to a SAR event, was seen on 5 November from observatories in Hanle and Merak in Ladakh.

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