Talented Young Chess Prodigies Shine at the 36th National Under-13 Chess Championship in Secunderabad

Hyderabad: The 36th National Under-13 Years Boys & Girls Chess Championship, organized by the Telangana Chess Association at the Multipurpose Indoor Stadium, South Central Railway Sports Complex in Secunderabad from December 4th to 10th, 2023, delivered a week of intense competition among the nation’s budding chess prodigies.

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Boys’ Results:

In the boys’ category, the following players demonstrated exceptional skills:

  1. Raghav V from Tamil Nadu
  2. Aakash G from Tamil Nadu
  3. Kolla Bhaavan from Andhra Pradesh
  4. Manas Gaikwad from Maharashtra
  5. Adarsh Uppala Sriram from Telangana
  6. Sharnarthi Viresh from Maharashtra
  7. Reyan Md. from Bihar
  8. Mrinmoy Rajkhowa from Assam
  9. Adharsh K from Tamil Nadu
  10. Siddhanth Poonja from Karnataka
  11. Jain Kushagra from Maharashtra
  12. Madhvendra Pratap Sharma from Madhya Pradesh
  13. Vihaan Dumir (AIM) from Maharashtra
  14. Arnav Mahesh Koli from Maharashtra
  15. Chinmay Kowshik from Karnataka
  16. Vedant Garg from Chandigarh
  17. Mithiran A from Tamil Nadu
  18. Yohan Yadav Tarala from Telangana

Girls’ Results:

The girls’ category also witnessed impressive performances from the following participants:

  1. Kalyani Sirin from Kerala
  2. Arshiya Das (WCM) from Tripura
  3. Nyna Gorli (AFM) from Andhra Pradesh
  4. Nivedita V C (ACM) from Tamil Nadu
  5. Pratyasha Jena from Odisha
  6. Shreya G Hipparagi from Maharashtra
  7. Sherali Pattnaik from Uttarakhand
  8. Shriyana S Mallya (WCM) from Karnataka
  9. Yasaswi Krishna Bommi from Andhra Pradesh
  10. Akshaya Sathi from Karnataka
  11. Aamuktha Guntaka from Andhra Pradesh
  12. Asudani Ruhani Raj (AFM) from Gujarat
  13. Pratitee Bordoloi from Karnataka
  14. Nihira Koul from Maharashtra
  15. Siddhi Rao from Karnataka
  16. Aadya Gupta (AFM) from Delhi
  17. Sravyasree Bheemarasetty from Andhra Pradesh

The tournament showcased the depth of talent among young chess enthusiasts, providing a glimpse into the promising future of Indian chess. As the competition unfolds, spectators eagerly anticipate more thrilling encounters and strategic brilliance from these budding masters.

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