Czech Influencer Kazma Drops 1 Million Dollars From Helicopter, Crowd Swarms to Collect_Video

Czech Republic’s influencer and TV host, Kamil Bartoshek, known as Kazma, initially aimed to award a $1 million prize to a single contest winner who could decipher a code within his movie ‘Onemanshow: The Movie.’ However, no one could crack the code. Kazma then devised an alternative plan, deciding to distribute the money among all the participants who had registered. He emailed encrypted information about the money’s drop location, kept his promise, and arrived with a helicopter at the specified spot and time.

Kazma shared a video on his official Instagram account, describing it as “The first real MONEY RAIN in the world! $1.000.000 dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic, and no one was harmed.”

He had earlier announced, “In a few days, a cargo helicopter will fly over the Czech Republic with a container holding a million dollars in dollar bills. This container has a massive door at the bottom, and it will open over the Czech Republic, a secret known only to those who activated their card a few hours in advance.”

As money showered from the sky, thousands of people gathered in a field and swiftly collected the one-dollar bills in plastic bags in less than an hour. A video posted online shows people running through the field, some even using umbrellas to maximize their earnings. Approximately 4,000 people collected the one-dollar bills.

Remarkably, each banknote featured a QR code linked to an online platform for winners to donate to charity. Kazma had suggested various ways to utilize the unclaimed money, including helping those in need, rewarding the game players, and creating another show with the funds.

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