‘Get out! Leave for an Islamic country’,  Dutch PM-probable Geert Wilders to Muslims

In a recently surfaced, unverified video, Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) and a strong contender for the next prime minister of the Netherlands, has stirred controversy by urging Muslims who prioritize the Quran over the country’s laws to consider leaving.

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“I have a message for all the Muslims in the Netherlands who do not respect our freedom, our democracy, and our core values, who find the rules of the Quran more important than our secular laws,” Wilders asserted in the video.

Citing research conducted by Professor Koompans, Wilders claimed, “There are many of those. Research by Professor Koompans shows there are 7 lakh. And, my message to them is: Get out! Leave for an Islamic country. Then, you can enjoy Islamic rules. Those are their rules, but not ours,” he added.

Wilders’ statements have sparked heated discussions on the intersection of religious beliefs and civic responsibilities, with critics arguing that such comments may further fuel tensions in a diverse society. The video’s authenticity is yet to be confirmed, but it has already ignited debates on the role of religion in the political landscape of the Netherlands.

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