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Hajj Committee announces last date to pay final installment for Hajj 2023

Hyderabad: Hajj pilgrims have been asked to pay the due installments for Hajj 2023 by May 15.

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The departure of pilgrims is likely to begin from May 21. Pilgrims departing from Hyderabad embarkation point will have to deposit a total of Rs 3,05,173, whereas pilgrims who have deposited Rs 2,51,800 as first and second installments now have to deposit only Rs 52,373.

Similarly, a total of Rs 3,88,580 is fixed for pilgrims departing from Vijayawada embarkation point. Pilgrims who have so far deposited Rs 2,51,800 as first and second installment will now have to deposit only Rs 1,36,780.

Information regarding other embarkation points can be obtained from the Haj Committee website www.hajcommittee.gov.in.

lt should be noted that the amount may be reduced or exceeded by 10 pc.

Hajj pilgrims who have opted for the sacrifice (qurbani) option will have to pay an additional Rs 16,344. Similarly, Shia pilgrims who have opted for Jufa Miqat will have to pay Rs 24,904 or Rs 26,314 extra, the details of which are available on website.

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