Harish dares CM Reddy, says he will resign from his MLA post if CM waives off farm loan

Former minister and BRS party MLA T. Harish Rao today dared CM A. Revanth Reddy to waive off the farm loan by August 15 and said that he would resign from his MLA post.

Hyderabad: Former minister and BRS party MLA T. Harish Rao today dared CM A. Revanth Reddy to waive off the farm loan by August 15 and said that he would resign from his MLA post.

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He asked the CM whether he was ready to reign from his post if he failed to keep his promise. “If the loan is waived off by August 15, i will resign from the MLA’s post and if the loan is not waived off, will you resign from the cm’s post,” Rao asked.

He was speaking at a press meet organised in Sangareddy. Speaking on the occasion, Harish Rao said that he was accepting CM Revanth Reddy’s challenge “I accept the CM’s challenge.

As the opposition, it is our responsibility to ensure that the promises made by the ruling party are fulfilled.” “I will come to the martyrs’ memorial in front of the Assembly. The CM should also come for a discussion at memorial and take an oath that he will implement all the guarantees he has given by August 15.

The loan should be waived off before August 15. If the loan is waived off, I will resign as MLA. I will not contest the by-elections again. If the loan is not waived, will he resign from the CM’s post?” asked Harish Rao.

He made it clear that for him, the welfare of the people of Telangana was more important than his MLA post. He alleged that Revanth Reddy was the one who broke his word by not taking political retirement even after losing in Kodangal assembly constituency in the past.

“The Congress party had promised to implement the six guarantees by December 9. It is your nature to break your promise and change the party. The CM is talking about whether we will dissolve our party if the guarantees are fulfilled,” he said.

He recalled that congress leader Sonia Gandhi had written a letter to the people of Telangana that six guarantees would be implemented within 100 days of coming to power.

“What happened to your guarantees even after 120 days?  Why was Rs 2,500 not given to women under the Mahalaxmi scheme? Why has Rs.15000 was not given under rythu bandhu scheme?

What is the status of the promise of provision of Rs. 500 bonuses for paddy? What is the status of the unemployment allowance for the unemployed? Why are you afraid of the BRS party,” he asked.

He alleged that Revanth Reddy was falsely claiming that he had fulfilled  five of the six guarantees. He said that none of the promises were implemented by the state government so far . “The Congress government is deceiving all sections of the people with false promises  by saying that the promises have been implemented.  Rao said that People don’t believe in the congress party’s perilous promises and added that The people of Telangana were not in a position to trust the Congress party.

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