In a hate crime incident, pig’s head thrown on UK mosque

London: A pig’s head was thrown on the roof of a mosque in Manchester, UK. Since the incident has been reported, members of Muslim community in the UK are living in fear.

According to the members of Heatons Muslims Community Trust, the animal’s head was discovered in a visible part of the building at about 9 p.m. on Dec. 9.

After the incident was reported to the police, they logged the event as an Islamophobic hate crime.

The building’s CCTV footage from the evening showed a car pulling up with two people inside, claimed HMCT trustee Mohammed Tayyab Mohiuddin. He added that one of the individuals was carrying a rubbish bag. The car’s registration plate has been recorded.

They placed the animal’s head at a short roof, so that it would be easy to see. Their intention seemed to terrify people.

It must be noted that Islam prohibits consuming pig’s meat.

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