KCR makes interesting comments on Central politics

BRS party chief KCR today made interesting comments on Central politics. He said if the BRS party wins 14 seats in the parliamentary elections, he would show the power of Telangana in the country.

Hyderabad: BRS party chief KCR today made interesting comments on Central politics. He said if the BRS party wins 14 seats in the parliamentary elections, he would show the power of Telangana in the country.

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Speaking to media persons on Saturday on the politics of the country, he made critical remarks on the policies of the BJP and the Congress party.

KCR urged the people of Telangana State to make the BRS party win if they want to be in a position to rule the country. “It is the power of regional parties that will rule the country next,” he said. He urged the people that they should take the Dravidian parties as an example.

“I will continue my journey in national politics. KCR said he would make efforts for an alliance after the elections. We will bring about a situation where national parties will have to support us. The people of Maharashtra want me to contest,” KCR said.

He also said he was thinking in that direction. He noted that the sunflower gang (those who joined the party whichever party in power belonged to) had increased in the country. KCR criticized that all those who have gone to the Congress party had gone for their own selfish ends. He said even if one lakh Revanth Reddys come, they can’t do anything to the BRS party. He said had Goebbels been alive, he would have died after seeing the BJP.

“If the BJP comes back, the price of petrol and diesel will be Rs 400. The BJP does not speak the word of Dalits and tribals. Modi is a bad Prime Minister. Modi’s words are lies. Make in India and Digital India are all false words. Modi’s words are all empty gas and trash. Unemployment has increased during Modi’s tenure. He has done nothing for the country except acts of hate,” he added. He said Modi was saying that he would give Godavari water to someone by drying it up in Telangana.

KCR alleged that during the rule of Congress, they were not able to go to Nagarjuna Sagar dam. He said in the current general elections, the BJP would not cross 200 seats. “That’s why Modi’s is lying. At the same time, the situation of the Congress has deteriorated. An alliance of regional parties will rise to the level of governing the country. The BJP will get one or two seats in the State. In South India, the BJP will not get even 10 seats. The Congress is in the third position in nine seats in Telangana,” he said.

KCR condemned Congress president Kharge’s statement that Hyderabad should be the second capital. Such madmen should not be given a place here, he said. He said tongue twisting would not come to anyone as much as PM Modi. He denied that it was wrong to remove Muslim reservations. KCR claimed that 26 to 33 MLAs were ready to join the BRS party.

KCR has given clarity on the issue of the name change of his party and added that it would remain as the BRS party. KCR made it clear that he too would be in the race for the PM post if the opportunity arises. He said their party leader K R Suresh Reddy would be appointed as the leader of their parliamentary party. He said the blow of removing the districts would also fall on the Congress party.

KCR also responded to the phone tapping and liquor scam cases. “There are 100 DCPs in the State. One of them is Radha Kishan Rao. “What is the connection between phone tapping of the CM?” he asked. He asked whether the Intelligence department was not tapping phones in the current government?  He said there was also a law that allows tapping records to be destroyed after a certain period of time.

KCR alleged that the liquor scam case was a political scam created by Modi. He said police had been sent to Delhi BJP office to arrest the BJP leader B L Santosh. Since then, they are harassing us. My daughter Kavitha was arrested and put in jail. But she will come out like a washed pearl,” he said.

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