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Lucknow: 2 doctors among 5 attacked by dog on KGMU campus

Lucknow: Two resident doctors and three others have been injured in an attack by a stray dog here inside the King George's Medical University (KGMU) campus.

Lucknow: Two resident doctors and three others have been injured in an attack by a stray dog here inside the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) campus.

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This was the 16th major dog attack case in Uttar Pradesh’s capital in the past one year.

The university authorities informed Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC), which than sent a team to the campus and found that the dog had died.

While the reason of death is unknown, officials said that the dog was suffering from rabies.

KGMU officials said that the dog suddenly attacked people outside the radiology department on the campus bit two resident doctors, two paramedical staffers and an attendant of a patient.

The victims, Sushma Yadav, and Sanjay Gupta, both medical personnel were rescued by other staff and taken to the infection prevention unit of university where they were discharged after being administered antibodies for rabies and vaccines along with first aid.

Sushma Yadav told reporters: “I was coming outside from the radio diagnostic department and suddenly a stray dog came and bit me on my right leg. I cried out loud and tried to shoo off, but it again attacked my right hand.”

She was left with a two-inch long open wound on her right leg while Sanjay Gupta had a one-inch gash on left leg.

KGMU spokesperson Sudhir Singh said, “After the incident, I informed LMC to catch the dog but before the team came it was found dead.”

Chief Veterinary Officer, LMC, Dr. Abhinav Verma said, “The canine was suffering from rabies. The disease makes dogs aggressive and they die within a week of getting infected.”

City veterinarian also said that rabies seems to have made the dog restless, aggressive and ferocious.

Dr. Rajneesh Chandra, a vet, said: “The victims need to be given antibodies for rabies as well as anti-rabies vaccine as the virus in humans directly attacks nervous system which leads to paralysis or fatality.”

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