SKM Condemns Gruesome Murder at Singhu Border

SKM, an umbrella body of over 40 Indian farmers' unions against Centre's three farm laws, has identified the deceased as Lakhbir Singh from Cheema Kala village of Punjab.

New Delhi: The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) on Friday condemned the barbaric killing of a man at the Singhu border protest site and has disassociated itself from the Nihangs.

A statement issued by the SKM said: “A Nihang group at the scene has claimed responsibility, saying that the incident took place because of the victim’s attempt to commit sacrilege with regard to the Sarbaloh Granth. It is been reported that he was staying with the same group of Nihangs for some time.”

SKM, an umbrella body of over 40 Indian farmers’ unions against Centre’s three farm laws, has identified the deceased as Lakhbir Singh from Cheema Kala village of Punjab.

“The SKM condemns this gruesome killing and wants to make it clear that both the parties to this incident, the Nihang group and the deceased person, have no relation with Morcha. The Morcha is against sacrilege of any religious text or symbol, but that does not give anyone the right to take the law into their own hands,” it said.

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The group has demanded that the culprits be punished according to law after investigating the allegation of murder and conspiracy behind sacrilege.

“This peaceful and democratic movement is opposed to violence in any form,” the statement added.

An unidentified decedent with a chopped left hand was found tied to an inverted police barricade at the Haryana-Delhi Singhu border outside of Delhi on Friday morning, sending shockwaves.

The body was found near the staging area of the anti-farm law protest site where the farmers have been demonstrating against the three farm laws since past 10 months.

The Haryana Police have registered an FIR against unknown people in the incident.

The police are yet to ascertain the identity of the victim.


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