Split in Muslim Votes Likely To Influence Telangana Assembly Election Results

Hyderabad: The division in Muslim votes is poised to benefit Congress candidates in specific constituencies, with their success contingent on the share of votes garnered by Congress and BRS overall.

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Unlike previous Assembly elections, Congress contestants in areas with significant Muslim votes express confidence in securing community support, posing a strong challenge to Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS).

Notably, Adilabad, Nirmal, and Mudhole constituencies, traditionally influenced by Muslim votes, now witness a shift.

Despite AIMIM’s presence supporting BRS, certain Muslim associations and intellectuals subtly advocate for Congress, emphasizing community interests. Public meetings in Mudhole reveal visible Muslim attendance, and some have already pledged support to Congress candidate Narayanrao Patel, strengthening his optimism. MIM leaders express disappointment over protests against BRS candidate G. Vittal Reddy, indicating discontent over Mudhole’s development.

However, opinions among Muslim voters appear diverse this time, with the likelihood of voting for a preferred party, suggesting a nuanced approach.

The varying preferences of Muslim associations across constituencies suggest a nuanced and non-uniform shift in the Muslim vote.

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