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 ‘Thank you for extraordinary humanity’ Israeli mother, daughter write letter to Hamas

In a recent development, Danielle Aloni and her young daughter Emilia found themselves in the midst of a 49-day ordeal as hostages of Hamas in the besieged Gaza strip. The Israeli mother and daughter were released on November 24, marking a pivotal moment in a temporary ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.

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Prior to their departure from Gaza, Danielle Aloni penned a heartfelt letter of gratitude to Hamas, expressing appreciation for the exceptional humanity shown towards her daughter, Emilia. The letter, initially composed in Hebrew, was shared by the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed wing, on its official Telegram account at 1649 GMT on November 27.

In her handwritten message, Aloni conveyed her daughter’s acknowledgment of the individuals from Hamas, whom Emilia perceived not just as friends but as truly beloved and good. Aloni recognized the care provided to hostages in Gaza, extending her thanks for the hours spent as caregivers. Emphasizing that children should not be subjected to captivity, she credited Hamas and other compassionate individuals for making her daughter feel like a queen during their challenging ordeal.

The letter concluded with Aloni expressing compassion for Hamas, acknowledging their kind behavior amidst the difficult circumstances and losses faced in Gaza. She expressed a desire for genuine friendship in the world and conveyed well wishes for the health and well-being of Gazans and their families.

Danielle and Emilia Aloni were part of a group of 24 Israeli hostages released by Hamas on November 24. Their ordeal began while visiting Danielle’s sister and her family at Kibbutz Nir Oz in southern Israel before being taken captive. This incident sheds light on the complex dynamics and human experiences within the ongoing conflict in the region.

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