Users Warned Against Provocative Social Media Posts

Inspector B. Venkat Reddy of Balapur has issued a stern warning against the dissemination of provocative content on social media.

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He strongly advises refraining from sharing explicit images or videos, engaging in personal attacks, issuing warnings, making unnecessary posts, disclosing internal information, or any other inappropriate behavior on social platforms.

The police will be vigilant in monitoring those who spread false or provocative content and will take decisive legal action against them.

Reddy emphasizes that if false and incendiary claims are made against individuals or organizations, or if misleading and malicious content is circulated on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube, disrupting peace and security, appropriate measures will be taken. He urges everyone, especially the youth, to exercise caution when posting on social media to prevent any harm to their future prospects.

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