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Uttar Pradesh: Azamgarh Schools Closed on August 8 – UPSA’s Appeal and School Shutdown in Solidarity

Uttar Pradesh private schools are closed on August 8. The UPSA's support for arrested school Principle & Teachers following an incident in Azamgarh. Learn about what happened in Azamgarh school.

Azamgarh: In a turn of events that has gripped the educational landscape of Uttar Pradesh, private schools affiliated with CBSE, ICSE, and UP Board are slated to remain closed on August 8. This unprecedented decision comes in response to a tragic incident that occurred in Azamgarh, raising questions about the safety and accountability within the education system. Let’s delve into the details and implications of this decision, the circumstances surrounding it, and the underlying reasons behind the closure.

What Happened in Azamgarh School

On July 31, tragedy struck Children’s Girls College in Azamgarh when a young student, Shreya Tiwari, fell from the third floor of the school building, resulting in her untimely demise. The incident shook the community and prompted a chain of events that would lead to the closure of private schools across Uttar Pradesh.

Azamgarh School Incident and Arrests

The incident not only stirred grief but also suspicion, leading to the arrest of the school’s principal and teacher on murder charges. The victim’s family alleged harassment by the school authorities, a claim that played a pivotal role in their arrests. The Unaided Private School Association (UPSA) lent its support to the arrested individuals while simultaneously advocating for a thorough investigation. The UPSA’s stance hinges on the notion of accountability only if the charges against the principal and teacher are substantiated.

UPSA’s Call for Solidarity: Closure of Schools on August 8

The UPSA has taken a firm stand by urging private schools across the state to keep their doors shut on August 8. This act of solidarity with the arrested school personnel reflects the organization’s commitment to seeking justice while raising questions about the circumstances that led to the incident. The association has also invited private schools to offer prayers for the deceased student’s soul on the same day, highlighting the somber nature of the event.

Protest and Demonstrations: Teachers Stand in Unity

The aftermath of the Azamgarh incident has witnessed a unified response from the education community. On August 8, teachers and staff from various private schools are set to demonstrate their support by wearing black bands, a symbolic gesture denoting their solidarity with the bereaved family and their demand for accountability.

School Closures in Agra and Meerut

The ripples of the Azamgarh incident have reached far and wide, as schools in Agra and Meerut have also announced their closure in protest against the arrest of the principal and teacher without a comprehensive investigation. Various school organizations, including the Association of Progressive Schools of Agra (APSA), are spearheading the protest and have issued guidelines to ensure a meaningful demonstration.

The closure movement has gained momentum as different regions join the protest in unison. In Meerut, the President of the All India School Leaders Association, Kanwaljit Singh, has declared a school closure on August 8 to express solidarity with the Azamgarh incident’s victims and question the arrests without proper investigation. Similarly, the Purvanchal Schools Welfare Association has rallied hundreds of schools in Varanasi and surrounding areas, aligning their closure with the state’s protest.

The closure of private schools across Uttar Pradesh on August 8 is more than just a holiday. It’s a collective outcry against the tragedy that unfolded in Azamgarh and a demand for thorough investigation and accountability. As the education community stands together, it sends a resounding message that student safety and justice are non-negotiable priorities.

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