Vote for BJP or face bulldozers; Raja Singh threatens UP voters

Hyderabad: BJP MLA Gosha Mahal T Raja Singh today created a stir saying that if you want to live in Uttar Pradesh, then you have to say Jai Yogi and Jai Modi.

A video of Raja Singh has been popped up on social media in which he can be seen threatening voters of Uttar Pradesh voting against BJP.

With these controversial remarks of BJP MLA a stir has been created and people started criticizing Raja Singh for threatening public and demanded that a case should be registered against him immediately.

Further Raja Singh said “if Yogi Adityanath was not voted then the people would face bulldozers.” He warned the people of Uttar Pradesh that if BJP was not given a vote, they would face dangerous consequences.

Raja Singh said that two phases of elections have been held in Uttar Pradesh and now the third phase of elections is to be held. All Hindus should united and make Yogi successful. If Yogi is not given a mandate in these elections then the voters who voted against BJP will face JCB and bulldozers.

He said that after the elections, those who did not vote for the BJP would be identified. He said Yogi’s government will come in future so people should vote for Yogi to if they want to live in Uttar Pradesh.

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