15-Year-Old in NY Reportedly Kills an Indian-Origin Uber Driver

Singh, 21, was shot in his car on Saturday and died on Wednesday as a result of his injuries.

New York: An Indian-origin Uber driver, Kuldip Singh, was slain reportedly by a 15-year-old as New York City experiences escalating levels of violence, according to media sources, 

Singh, 21, was shot in his car on Saturday and died on Wednesday as a result of his injuries, according to WABC TV.

According to the station, he was hurt in a gunfight between a passenger in his car and a juvenile who was also injured in the exchange of fire and stayed hospitalised.

Police think the driver was injured by a gun fired by the youngster, whose identity has not been released since he is a juvenile, according to the New York Post.

According to police data, there have been 1,086 shootings, 314 murders, 1,009 rapes, and 14,783 severe assaults in New York City this year.

Last year’s murder and severe assault figures were the lowest since 2012, while the number of recorded rapes was the highest in a year since 2013.

Officials attribute the recent increase in crime on the Covid-19 epidemic, which has hampered the functioning of the justice system. (IANS)

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