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3-yr-old chews snake to death in UP

A horrifying incident occurred in northern India where a three-year-old boy named Ayush chewed a snake to death while playing outside his home in Madnapur village in Uttar Pradesh. Ayush’s grandmother heard his screams and rushed to the scene, only to discover a partially chewed snake hanging from his mouth.

Immediately, she removed the dead snake from his mouth and informed Ayush’s parents, who promptly took him to the hospital. To aid in explaining the situation to the doctors, the parents brought the snake with them in a bag. Fortunately, it was determined that the snake was non-venomous.

After 24 hours of observation, the doctors declared Ayush to be fine and out of danger. Although India is home to numerous snake species, with over 60 being venomous, it is unclear why or how Ayush ended up biting the snake. Snakebite incidents are a significant problem in rural areas where access to medical care is limited, often leading to unreported cases. Surprisingly, this is not the first instance of a child biting a snake. In a previous incident in Turkey, a two-year-old girl retaliated after being bitten on the lip by biting the snake back, resulting in the reptile’s death. The girl was taken to the hospital, where she recovered well after 24 hours of observation.

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