BJP on the policy of ‘Ram Ram japna, paraya leader apna’: K Kavita

 Slamming the BJP government at the Center for using various agencies to “target” ministers and other leaders of Telangana, TRS leader K Kavita on Wednesday made it clear that the people of Telangana can’t be intimidated.

After a failed attempt to buy MLAs, the BJP is using central agencies to target opposition leaders. Member of Legislative Council Kavita was apparently reacting to the ongoing IT raids on the houses of state Labor Minister Mallareddy and his family members.
A few days ago, the ED raided the houses and offices of state minister G Gangula and Rajya Sabha MP.

 Former Nizamabad MP K Kavita said this while addressing the party cadre in Yella Reddy assembly constituency.

Kavita said that BJP is following the policy of “Ram Ram Japna, Paraya Leader Apna”. After the failure in the matter of buying MLAs, BJP is now following this policy. Central agencies are being used to harass opposition.
Kavita asked why the BJP leader is avoiding appearing before the SIT if he has not done anything wrong. SIT is investigating the MLA poaching case.

Why are BJP leaders approaching the court instead of appearing before the SIT? He said that BJP has no organizational structure in Telangana.

That is why the leaders of other parties are being threatened to join the BJP. BJP is misusing its powers, forcing opposition leaders to join its party by using wealth.

 She said that we are the people of Telangana, we cannot be intimidated. We will struggle.


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