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‘Bride’ rides on car bonnet; video goes viral

Prayagraj: A bride created a reel for her social media account by riding on the bonnet of a moving car. 

The video quickly went viral within hours of being uploaded. The bride was fined Rs 16500 for violating traffic rules.

The incident took place on Sunday in Prayagraj in the state of Uttar Pradesh where a young girl dressed in a bridal attire created a reel while sitting on the bonnet of a moving car. The video was shot in Civil Lines area. 

After the video went viral, when the police started investigating, it was found that a girl named Vernika from Allahpur area had filmed the video and photographed it while riding on the bonnet of the car a few days ago. Vernika even rode a scooter in the attire of a bride without a helmet a few months.

A challan of Rs 15000 has been issued by the police for sitting on the bonnet of a moving vehicle. A challan of Rs 1500 was issued for driving a scooter without a helmet. Sub-Inspector Amit Singh said the video of the car was shot on May 16 near All-Saints Cathedral, while the video of the scooter is about two months old.

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