Charminar Sunday Funday; Some Supports, Most Opposes

A large number of youths and burqa-clad women arrived at the first Sunday Funday for entertainment, but after seeing the photos and videos of the program that went viral, the nobles of Hyderabad bowed their heads in shame.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Farkhunda Buniyaad is called the Civilized City but the meanings of civilization are different for everyone. Civilizations are formed under civilizations and society can be formed by being influenced by any religion. Residents of Hyderabad consider the old city of Hyderabad as their original city. Especially the Muslims here are considered to be the custodians of Hyderabadi civilization.

Hyderabadi civilization is famous all over the world. The hospitality, conversation style, biryani, Irani tea and social style make Hyderabad stand out from other cities. Everybody knows what happens in other cities of the world or in other parts of Hyderabad in the name of civilization or cultural programs, but as soon as the entertainment program called Sunday Funday near Charminar by the Telangana Department of Culture and GHMC., it did not catch the eye of most of the people here.

Although the first Sunday Funday on October 17 was attended by a large number of people, especially Muslim youth and burqa-clad women, for entertainment, the photos and videos of the event went viral on social media. One cannot expect such actions from the people in the name of Sunday Funday near Charminar.

According to viral photos and videos, the immorality and obscenity shown in the Sunday Funday in the name of cultural programs has embarrassed the nobles of Hyderabad and they are now opposing the holding of the Sunday Funday program. Hundreds of people on social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are voicing their opposition to the event.

There are some people who are trying to target religious scholars. They blame the clerics for the immorality and say the young generation is being misled by the lack of guidance from clerics. The fact is that a section of Muslims has become accustomed to blaming others for their failures and shortcomings. Sometimes the government is held responsible and sometimes the Ulema are blamed.

As far as the Sunday Funday is concerned, this program can be attended with care and programs that are in the realm of civilization but can’t be organized if young people continue to show immorality in these programs. What is being done has raised questions about the program and it is being objected to from many quarters.

Amir-e-Millat-e-Islamia Maulana Hussamuddin Sani Aqil alias Jaffar Pasha has expressed his views on this issue today. In one of his speeches, he criticized the Sunday Funday program because some people blamed the clerics for the immorality, indecency and immorality in the program. Jaffar Pasha says it is not appropriate to hold scholars responsible for everything. If this continues, the day will come when the scholars will stop speaking the truth.

Jaffar Pasha has also demanded the state government to close the Sunday Funday program and said in a lighter moment that if this program is not stopped then they will make Sunday Funday of the govt.

Munsif News Bureau

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