Class 11 student Hasan, electrocuted in Hyderabad School

A well-known school in Hyderabad is currently facing severe backlash and a police investigation after a Class XI student was electrocuted on the school premises. The unfortunate incident took place earlier this week during the lunch break, resulting in the student being hospitalized with burns covering more than 50% of his body.

The victim, identified as Hasan, had a tragic start to his Class 11 journey at Meridian School in Banjara Hills. He came into contact with an unfenced, high-voltage transformer near a construction site within the school grounds.

Hasan’s parents have accused the school of negligence and have lodged a complaint with the Banjara Hills police.

Latif Khan, Hasan’s father, expressed his distress, stating, “It was the first day of his Class 11. There was some construction going on in front of the lunch hall. That’s where the 1,400-volt transformer was. The area was not fenced and did not have any signs. He was there during the lunch break when he was electrocuted,” he told to the reporters.

The incident has sparked outrage directed at the school administration, with Hasan’s parents being just one of many voices criticizing them for their alleged negligence. Mr. Khan further claimed, “They stopped us from filing an FIR or speaking to the media. He is undergoing multiple surgeries. It’s total negligence on the part of the school. They are playing with the lives of students and collecting huge fees.”

Preliminary reports indicate that the accident may have been caused by iron rods near the transformer. Further details about the incident are yet to be revealed as the investigation remains ongoing.

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