Delhi excise policy scam: IANS gets inside details of CBI questionnaire for Sisodia

Sisodia was summoned to join the probe by the CBI. According to sources, the following questions could be asked to Sisodia.

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has prepared a list of as many as 50 questions that will be asked to Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in connection with the excise policy scam case.

Sisodia was summoned to join the probe by the CBI.

According to sources, the following questions could be asked to Sisodia.

1. Why was there a need to introduce a new excise policy and scrapping the old one? Whose decision was it?

2. Who was present in the first meeting where this decision was taken?

3. Minutes of the meeting were prepared or not, submit it.

4. How the new excise policy would benefit the Delhi Government?

5. Who took the last decision of issuing tender notice under the new Excise Policy?

6. Who finalized the term and conditions of the tender form?

7. How many firms filled the tenders, and out of which who were not given the tenders, what were the issues for not issuing the tenders?

8. What were the reasons to increase the commission of liquor businessmen?

9. Were there any officials who opposed the new policy?

10. Did the then Excise Commissioner R. Gopi Krishan play any role, or did he oppose the new policy?

11. What was the role of accused Vijay Nair in forming the policy?

12. Why was Vijay Nair in touch, directly or indirectly, with all the firms who got the license?

13. Did Deputy Commissioner Anand Tiwari and Assistant Commissioner Pankaj Bhatnagar raise any questions against the new policy?

14. Did You know that Arjun Pandey, Vijay Nair, Dinesh Arora were in touch with license holders? Why were private businessmen interested in forming policy?

15. (a) Was any meeting held with the license holders with Nair, Arora and Pandey?

(b) If yes, who gave them permission to convene the meeting?

(c) Who were others who wanted to join the meetings?

(d) If yes, what would be the reasons to allow them in the meeting?

17. Why do license holders submit cash in the bank accounts of your known persons?

19. Did you know that a few others also distributed cash to get licenses?

20. What were the reasons to give the credit note? Whose decision was this?

21. Did you know that a few excise department officials were bribed?

22. Have you also benefited from the new policy? Did you ever demand anything?

23. If the new policy was good then why did you scrap it?

24. Did any license holder, liquor businessmen oppose you for scrapping the new policy?. Who were they?

25. What is your business with Sameer Mahendru?

26. Do you know any Rishi Bali?

Sources have claimed that this would be the line of questioning. Sisodia will also be asked about the money trail.

The CBI has begun the questioning, and the sources said that it would take place in many parts.

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