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Emotional meeting of Arif and stork in Kanpur zoo; video goes viral

Stork and his friend Arif, who had been separated by the forest department, had an emotional meeting at the zoo. The two were separated  citing the Wildlife Protection Act and now the stork is confined in the Kanpur zoo while Arif is facing charges.

Retired IAS Surya Pratap Singh shared the video of Arif meeting his estranged friend at the zoo on his official Twitter handle.

He urged Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to free the stork.
He asked what will anyone gain by separating them? In this video, it can be seen that the stork is looking restless after seeing Arif and is seen flying around and running.
 Seeing this emotional bond, many people have demanded from the Uttar Pradesh government that once again Arif and Saras (stork) should be allowed to live together.

Strange incident of the friendship of Muhammad Arif and a stork attracted the attention of the whole world through social media.

Arif is a resident of Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh.
The videos of Arif and stork’s friendship and their living, eating and drinking together went viral on all social media platforms in late February.

Mohammad Arif found the stork 22 August 2022injured in the field, with one of its legs broken. Since then stork was living happily with Arif until the friendship of Arif and Saras got noticed. Many videos of their friendship went viral and suddenly in March 22, a team of forest department officials reached Arif’s house and took the stork into their custody saying that stork is not a pet bird and thus it is not good to live among humans, it should be kept in natural environment.

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