Favourite dish of Ramzaan festival season Haleem likely to be costlier this year

Hyderabad: The favourite dish of Ramzaan festival which is consumed my large number of people which is also have the world record of consumption of one particular dish at one time, “Haleem” is likely to be costlier, this year, in view of increase in the price of mutton and other ingredients.

According to the hoteliers who have already started setting up choolas for the preparation of Haleem dish this year after the gap of two years of the coronavirus pandemic are in hope of good business.  Many hoteliers and season vendors of the road side are gearing up to prepare the Iranian recipe.

It may be recalled that in the last couple of years, there was no significant increase in prices due to lockdown though prices of few ingredients shot up. This year, however prices of various commodities have skyrocketed and there is no way out but to increase the prices. However, the hotel has yet not fixed the price for this year.

Haleem makers point out that the price of edible oil almost doubled while prices of pure ghee, dry fruits and other ingredients that go in making haleem have witnessed significant increase. Apart from this, prices of plastic containers and wages of the workers also have gone up. The hoteliers expect that there will be an increase in the price of haleem, but it will not be to an extent that business is impacted.

In the last two years, people could not relish the dish because its sales were restricted. In the IT corridor of the city, business was nil as the companies were closed, this year the hoteliers anticipate good sales at the IT corridor.

The hoteliers have also decided to maintain a hygienic environment and to make it compulsory for those engaged in preparation to undergo a Covid test atleast twice in the season.

Apart from it, the hotel owners were also focused on avoiding waste. The cost of production is high, so they wanted to avoid wastage to escape losses. Many hotels to gauge the public mood started selling it before the advent of the Ramzaan month.

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