Governor read Congress’ Manifesto in her address to the joint session: BRS

BRS MLA Kadiyam Srihari was speaking at the assembly's media point after the Governor's address. He said the Governor read out the Congress party's manifesto in her address.

Hyderabad: BRS party MLA Kadiyam Srihari today clarified that there was nothing new in Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan’s address to both the Houses of the State legislature.

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He suggested that the Governor should review what she had spoken in the past and what she had spoken now.

BRS MLA Kadiyam Srihari was speaking at the assembly’s media point after the Governor’s address. He said the Governor read out the Congress party’s manifesto in her address.

Stating that the Governor’s speech says that Telangana has been in recession for the last ten years, he said the Governor had forgotten that the State received many awards at the national level.

“Telangana has overtaken Haryana and Punjab to become the first State in rice production. Isn’t it true that per capita income has increased significantly,” Srihari said while noting that Hyderabad has made tremendous strides in IT products and exports.”

He said it was unfortunate that the Governor was lying and added that it was not right to speak as if all the people are happy now.

“In a span of ten years, the people of Telangana breathed the air of freedom. But it is not appropriate to say that now the people of Telangana are calling for the air of freedom. It is not correct for the Governor to say Telangana has been freed from detention. It is unfortunate that the Governor is lying. The people of Telangana have bent the necks of the Congress and achieved Telangana. In 2014, Telangana was liberated from captivity,” he added.

Kadiyam alleged that the Congress party had been lying to the Governor and added that there was no plan in the Governor’s speech for the Congress party’s six guarantees.

“There is no route map of development and welfare schemes in the Governor’s speech. It would have been nice if it had been there. The State government has told all the lies from the mouth of the Governor,” he said, and added that there would also be a proper reply from them on the white papers released by the government.

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