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Hijab not allowed but Hanuman Chalisa recited in Karnataka school

Hyderabad: Even as the Muslim girls are not allowed wearing hijab in educational institutions of Karnataka, chanting of mantras and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa are being done in private schools of Karnataka.

Ashok Swain who is a professor of Peace and Conflict Research, according to his twitter handle, has posted a video which shows Hanuman Chalisa being recited. He tweeted: In Karnataka, India, Muslim girl students are banned and publicly humiliated for wearing hijab. But, no one questions why in some schools, Hindu girl students are everyday reading Hanuman Chalisa?

The same video was earlier posted by Shreya HS, Principal Correspondent Times of India, who claimed that the teachers and kids of Jaycees English Medium School at Karkala read Hanuman Chalisa every day.

He tweeted: While #Muslim students in #BJP ruled #Karnataka are targeted for wearing #Hijab,the teachers and kids of Jaycees English Medium School at Karkala chant Mantras. In this #school every day Hanuman Chalisa is read in fully display of #Hinduism

It must be noted that while the hijab issue is pending with the Court, the Karnataka High Court, issued interim order, saying that until the judgment is passed, no religious symbol or identity will be allowed in the educational institutions till further orders.

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