Hijab verdict aftermath: Boy wearing skull cap smacked, girls wearing hijab dehumanized

The Karnataka High Court order upholding the state government’s ban on hijab in classrooms has left Muslim girl students in a quandary. The verdict has given a free hand to the communal minded people to dehumanize Muslim community.

Not only the hijab wearing girls and women are treated badly in schools and also at public places, but even the cap wearing Muslim boys are thrashed by the teachers.

A twitter user named Deepak Bopanna has shared a video in which a teacher is seen smacking a skull cap wearing Muslim boy. The user shared the video stating: “A Muslim boy smacked on the head by a Urdu Govt school teacher in raichur when he entered campus wearing a Taqiyah , several girls who came earing a #Hijab were also asked to remove it before attending class.”

A video is shared by one CJ Werleman in which Muslim student is seen crying while explaining how hijab wearing students were stopped from attending final exams in Karnataka.

Muslim student cries while explaining how Hindustan radicalized faculty have stopped hijab wearing students from attending classes and sitting their final exams in Karnataka.


Another twitter user Khaled Beydoun shared a photo writing: “Muslim girls in Karnataka 🇮🇳are still being denied entry into class because they wear hijab”


One Dr Parvez Mandviwala tweeted: “My wife was denied a seat in a local train today because she was wearing a #Hijab. A gentleman vacated his seat for her, but other passengers insisted some sari-clad ladies take the seat instead, despite the fact that my wife was carrying our infant child. Where will this end?”

Many Muslim girls have shown their anger over High Court decision which denied their right to wear what they want.

A twitter handle by name GIO Karnataka claimed: “”Hijab is not just a piece of cloth, it is my Modesty, it is my Dignity and it is my Great Submission to the Creator of Mankind””

Expressing disappointment over High Court verdict, Almas writes: “I felt so disheartened after I heard #HijabVerdict, felt as if my dignity, my identity was being snatched. I had least expected judiciary to mock. I’m really at loss of words right now. But one thing I know is I’ll continue to fight for my Hijab, inspite of all hurdles to come.”

Her thoughts were echoed by another user who states: “Hijab is not just a piece of cloth neither mere religious symbol. It’s an honour,it’s a privilege.More over it is their basic fundamental right in this secular democratic country.If a wmn is unquestioned for showing her body she cannot be questioned for covering it.”

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