Hindu son, Muslim daughter argue over mother’s funeral in Hyderabad; police give this solution

Hyderabad: Two siblings and their families who practice different religions fought with each other over the funeral of their mother late Tuesday night. The dispute evoked mildly tense moments in Hyderabad’s Madannapet.

Tension prevailed in the area as people gathered at street corners. However, the local police swung into action to prevent any untoward incident and reached a congenial agreement after hours of verification of facts and documents, and consultation.

According to sources, the deceased, a 95-year-old woman lived at the Darab Jung colony. After her death her son and grandchildren, who lived in nearby Chaderghat, claimed rights over her funeral as per his Hindu religious tradition.
However, the daughter, who converted to Islam two decades ago, claimed rights over mother’s funeral claiming that she had been caring for the ailing mother during the last 12 years and that her mother had also converted to Islam.

60-year-old, daughter asserted that the mother had accepted Islam and that it was her last wish to be buried as per Islamic tradition.

The Indian Express quoted her as saying, “My mother was living with me for the last 12 years, and I have been taking good care of her even though no one else cared for her. I got her surgery done recently for Rs 5 lakh, and no one came to help. My mother said that no one would come asking for her after her death and that she be given final prayers and buried as per our tradition.”

People from both communities crowded up on the streets over the death and last rites of the elderly woman. Keeping this in view, police force was deployed there in the night

Police held discussions with both sides of the family after which final prayers were conducted as per the daughter’s preferences at her home and later the body was handed over to the son’s family for cremation as per their wish.

B Janaiah, station house officer of Madannapet police station said, “The daughter produced videos and documents to show that her mother had converted to Islam in January 2023. We verified all details, and following consultation with elders, the body was handed over to the son’s family for cremation after the daughter’s family conducted final prayers as per their traditions.”

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