Hyderabad: Loud explosions in LB Nagar trigger panic among locals

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Hyderabad: Explosions were heard in the suburbs of Hyderabad last night. The local people were scared by the sounds of sudden loud explosions in the vicinity of LB Nagar. Later it was learnt that a construction company used explosives to break the rocks.

The explosions sent stones flying and falling on the houses, breaking glasses and windowpanes. Locals said that this situation happens daily and these sounds are heard from morning to evening.

According to sources, last night suddenly these sounds were heard for about ten minutes and when they came out of their houses, they found that stones were being broken by using explosives.

The local people complained to the police after which the police reached there. The local people asked how these blasts could be carried out at night. Some people demanded that a case be registered against the company and demand  compensation for the losses.

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