‘I am getting married, won’t go to jail’: accused creates ruckus at Hyderabad court

Hyderabad: A commotion occurred at Nampally Court when an accused created ruckus. He declared that his wedding was scheduled for the 25th of this month and he would not go to jail.

In his outburst, he broke the glass of a courtroom door, resulting in an injury to his hand.

As per the available information, the person in question, Anand Agarwal, also known as Shah Ali, was apprehended by the police on charges related to the possession of marijuana. When presented before the court, despite having 18 prior cases against him, Anand was remanded.

However, he continued to assert that he would not go to jail due to his upcoming marriage. Anand, who allegedly has connections to a murder and theft case, had been booked a month ago in relation to a murder charge but was recently released.

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