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Mary Kom spreads awareness about Cancer

About 1.5 million new cancer cases are anticipated in India annually, but awareness of routine screening remains pitifully low, according to the NCRP report 2020.

New Delhi: its “Early Detection of Cancer” Campaign, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and Mary Kom, the head of the athletes commission, have partnered with American Oncology Institute (AOI), one of the leading cancer hospital chains in South Asia. The programme aims to raise awareness of routine screenings and early cancer diagnosis across the nation, particularly in the Northeast where cancer incidence is highest.

About 1.5 million new cancer cases are anticipated in India annually, but awareness of routine screening remains pitifully low, according to the NCRP report 2020. The majority of patients in the nation are also diagnosed with severe illness (Stages 3-4). In order to identify the signs and symptoms as soon as possible, early detection is crucial.

Therefore, as part of this campaign, AOI and Mary Kom also released a little movie with a focus on public health. By employing phrases like “think before time” and “act before time,” the movie masterfully captures the spirit of early cancer diagnosis and encourages frequent cancer screening among the general audience.

Pleased on the association, Mary Kom said: “Just as for an athlete one of the most important things is to be well prepared for every situation, to be able to beat your opponent and win the game, the same is with cancer where early diagnosis is much like developing your defensive skills. In fact, regular screening increases chances of detecting certain cancers early.”

She further added: “With Cancer, the earlier you detect the condition, the higher are the chances of a better outcome. It’s like knowing every move of your opponent. Through this association, I hope to spread the importance of early detection of cancer and empower each and every individual so that they are well prepared and lead a healthy life.”

Over 10,000 people have been successfully screened by AOI’s free cancer screening camps, which are frequently organised across its 16 units. The goal of AOI’s awareness campaign is to raise awareness of the value of early cancer detection among a sufficient number of people. The slogan “we journey with you” is further supported by this by educating and empowering the general public.

Speaking about early detection, Dr Jagprag Singh Gujral, Group CEO, CTSI, South Asia, said: “With the increasing rate of cancer in the country, it is imperative to spread awareness about early detection and diagnosis of various types of cancers. We are glad to be associated with Mary Kom for the enormous task of voicing out the importance of regular screening and early detection of Cancer which can significantly improve survival rates and outcomes. AOI has always remained at the core of offering precision cancer care solutions and with this association; we take a step ahead in our commitment.”

Tina Choudhury, Campaign Lead, CTSI South Asia, said: “Awareness is the key to early detection of Cancer which also resonates in all our brand campaigns. To amplify our brand’s messaging further, we are delighted to have associated with Mary Kom. She is the true advocate to drive our brand narration on ‘early detection’ while connecting it with her boxing principles of moving before the opponent hits or being prepared. We believe that she will be the perfect motivator to encourage people for early diagnosis of cancer and regular screening.”

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