Pregnant Candidate Tragically Passes Away at a TET Exam Center in Telangana

A tragic incident occurred at the TET exam center when a pregnant woman, Radhika, who was eight months along, collapsed and passed away. She had rushed to reach the center on time, causing her blood pressure to spike. Despite being promptly taken to Patancheru Government Hospital, Radhika’s husband Arun received the devastating news of her demise.

He expressed disbelief, as Radhika had prepared diligently for the exam and never anticipated such a tragic turn of events.

The unfortunate incident occurred in Isnapuram, situated in the Patan Cheru mandal of Sangareddy district.

In preparation for Friday’s TET examination, arrangements were made statewide. Radhika, who was eight months pregnant, arrived at the Isnapuram center to take the exam. In her rush to get to her assigned room, her blood pressure spiked, leading to her collapse upon reaching the hall. The vigilant invigilator promptly alerted the authorities, and Radhika’s husband, Arun, who had been waiting outside, rushed to the scene.

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