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Stay cool this summer with these makeup tips and techniques

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Managing your makeup during the summer can be challenging due to the high humidity and intense heat. We all desire makeup that stays in place and doesn’t melt away under these conditions. While long-lasting and transfer-proof makeup can help, it’s also essential to choose the right products to keep your look intact throughout the day.

Mamta Naik, Associate Vice President of Product Development at SUGAR Cosmetics, shares five simple tips and tricks to achieve a fresh summer look that will last.

Prepare Your Skin

In the summer, it’s crucial to establish a proper preparation routine for a sweat-proof, fresh, and clean base. Avoid greasy moisturizers during the hot and humid months, but don’t skimp on hydration. Strike a balance by using SUGAR’s Citrus Got Real Cooling Stick, a convenient multi-use stick infused with vitamin C. This stick protects against dryness, blemishes, and sun damage. Simply swipe it across your face to instantly revitalize and energize your skin. Follow this with a good primer designed for hot weather and oily skin to prevent your makeup from melting.

Opt for Lightweight Products

Using lightweight beauty products is essential in the summer as they protect and nourish your skin while shielding it from the sun. Heavy creams and powders can melt in the heat and clog your pores. Instead, choose lightweight, oil-free products specifically designed for hot weather. Tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and water-based lightweight foundations will be your best allies.

Embrace Waterproof Makeup

To prevent your makeup from melting in the summer heat, opt for water-resistant and waterproof products. It’s crucial to use waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and even lipsticks that can withstand the heat and humidity.

Experiment with Neon Eyeliner

Step out of your comfort zone and add a touch of boldness, brightness, and beauty to your summer makeup look by trying neon eyeliner. Whether it’s a minty green or a sky blue shade, opt for a formula that dries quickly, offers intense pigmentation, and is smudge-proof. Achieving stunning eye makeup for hot weather has never been easier.

Set Your Look

Setting your makeup is highly important during the summer. Instead of heavy baking, lightly dust translucent powder to set your base. Then, use a setting spray like SUGAR’s Grand Finale Matte Setting Mist to keep your makeup fresh and matte throughout the day. This will also help control excess oil and shine on your skin.

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