After ‘The Kerala Story’, another anti-Muslim film ’72 Hoorain’ to be released

After ‘The Kerala Story’, another film centered on terrorism, titled ’72 Hoorain’, is scheduled to be released in theaters soon.

Recently, a trailer for this film has been released. Just as the controversy surrounding ‘The Kerala Story’ was subsiding, ’72 Hoorsin’ gained attention in the media. The film is set to premiere on July 7th and focuses on the activities of terrorist masterminds who entice Muslims into becoming terrorists by promising them rewards in the form of 72 Hoors.

Directed by two-time National Award winner Sanjay Pooran Singh and produced by Ashok Pandit, ’72 Hoorain’ features Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir in prominent roles.

Ashok Pandit shared the film’s poster and expressed hopes that the audience would appreciate it. The film explores the concept of encountering a brutal death instead of the promised meeting with 72 Hoors.

Some viewers have voiced their anger towards the movie ’72 Hoorain’, stating that portraying Muslims in such a manner is a cheap way to make money, taking advantage of the innocence of people.

Nafis, one of the users, expressed the belief that this hatred would not endure and that people have become aware of the situation.

Another user commented on the director’s intention to profit by associating the film with Muslims, suggesting that if the largest political party in the country can benefit from using the Muslim identity, then the filmmaker should not be left behind. The user further conveyed the sentiment that everyone seems to be exploiting the Muslim name for their own gain, but this animosity would not last as people have realized the underlying motivations.

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