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Bride stuns groom, guests by firing several rounds in the air; video goes viral

Openly firing guns and brandishing revolvers at wedding ceremonies have become a latest trend these days.
This is leading to several mishaps as well.

Recently, a similar video has surfaced in which the bride sitting on the stage is seen fearlessly firing a pistol in the air.

The video is said to be from Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, where the bride sitting on the stage suddenly fires a pistol in the air in front of the groom sitting next to her. 

Looking at the video, it looks like the bride is quite used to firing shots.

The video  reached the police, after which the police have started investigating the incident. 

The video is reportedly from a guest house in Salimpur village of Hathras Junction area. 

According to sources, the bride was taken to the stage after the ceremony was over last Friday. A man then hands a revolver to the bride who is sitting next to the groom on the stage, after which the bride without delay fires several rounds in the air one after the other. 

According to the police, a case has been registered on the basis of the video. The bride’s family will be questioned soon.


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