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Controversy arises as Hindu students perform Namaz in school drama; probe ordered

An investigation has been launched by the District Education Officer (DEO) in Bhuj, Gujarat, following an incident where Hindu students at Pearl School in Mundra, Kutch district, were allegedly instructed to perform namaz.

In response to the incident, the DEO has formed a team to probe the matter, emphasizing that if the allegations are proven true, the school may face severe consequences, potentially including the cancellation of its approval.

The incident came to light through a video circulating on social media, which showed Hindu students at Pearl School being guided to wear skull caps and engage in namaz as part of the Baqra Eid activities.

Priti Vaghwani, the school principal, stated that the namaz session conducted on June 28 was a planned activity within the school’s curriculum. She also offered an apology if anyone’s sentiments were hurt.

However, local legislator Aniruddh Dave expressed concern about this particular activity, stating that while activities such as swimming, horse riding, or musical performances could be included, namaz should not be part of the school curriculum.

Dave has urged the DEO to take appropriate action in response to the incident. He also noted that the school had a holiday on the day of the incident, yet the students were called in and asked to perform namaz while dressed as Muslims.

In a separate incident, Kids Kingdom School on Radhanpur Road in Mahesana, North Gujarat, faced protests from local residents, parents, and Hindu organizations for involving Hindu children in Baqra Eid celebrations.

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