Farhat Mir is the first Muslim Pakistani woman to join Las Vegas Police

Breaking down barriers, 49-year-old Farhat Mir has become Las Vegas first female Muslim Pakistani officer.

She has become Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer.

Mir moved to the United States two years after 9/11. Now she is helping to combat terrorism in Las Vegas.

She’s quoted to have said,”I knock on every single door. It doesn’t matter if it’s a synagogue, mosque, temple, Buddhist temple, Sikh temple, church.”  Mir added “No matter what it is, if it’s a faith-based organization, I knock on the door. And I keep knocking till they open and build that relationship with me.”

Mir works in LVMPD’s Fusion Center. Fusion Centers were created across the nation in response to Sept. 11, 2001, bringing together federal, state, and local intelligence systems to share information.

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