Goldstone Technologies partners with Quantron AG to form JV in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Goldstone Technologies (GTL) is partnering with Quantron AG, a German e-mobility major, to establish a joint venture to address the high potential Fleet Management market, valued at around $70 Bn/Rs 5.8 lakh crore by 2032. In an event at Hyderabad, the Joint Venture was announced which will be headquartered from Augsburg in Germany.

Hyderabad has also drawn out a plan to set up a US entity by Q3 2023, capitalising on the burgeoning global electric mobility market and Hydrogen economy.

The GTL and Quantron JV is poised to revolutionise fleet management with its AI-supported solutions for sustainable integrated operations, catering to the demand in Europe, the USA, India, and the Middle East.  By focusing on zero-emission transport, the JV aims to offer OEM-agnostic Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution, addressing efficiency and digitalisation challenges. The JV’s transaction platform will provide diverse digital solutions to fulfill the needs of zero-emission fleets.

Michael Perschke, Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Quantron AG said, “We are looking forward to this Partnership with GTL in a bid to address the Fleet Management markets which are projected to exceed US$ 70 billion by 2032, combined with the Hydrogen Economy markets that anticipate over US$ 320 billion in global investments by 2030. The Indian ecosystem also presents a huge opportunity in this area, which would provide us the necessary expertise to make inroads into the global marketplace.”

The key differentiator would be one integrated platform across 5 Digital Pillars, namely Fleet Management, Insurance-as-a-service, Hydrogen Economy, Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Data Insights. Having already onboarded Quantron and ETO Motors as clients, GTL will provide the software expertise and oversee platform integration, while Quantron will utilise the digital platform in its 360° ecosystem. The software features a Fleet Overview Dashboard, Driver Management, Trips Information, Geofencing, Charging or Re-fuelling Infrastructure Administration, Smart Navigator, Carbon Credits Tracking, Roadside Assistance, Reports Module, and Driver Mobile App.

“The factors that distinguish this Digital Platform are that it is Partner Agnostic, Modular and OEM Independent. Data Insights, which is a crucial pillar, is estimated to reach a global market value of $71 Bn (INR 5.9 Lakh Crores) by 2032. Our contribution to this partnership will be to help customers drive impactful change through data-backed analytics to enhance their business through BI and Analytics Full Stack capabilities and Service Offerings.”, said Pavan Chavali, Managing Director, Goldstone Technologies.

By catering to the demand in key global markets, the company is driving the transition towards sustainable transport and offering versatile OEM-agnostic Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions. With GTL’s software expertise and Quantron’s comprehensive ecosystem, the digital platform delivers a wide range of features and modules to fulfill the diverse needs of zero-emission fleets.

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