Karimnagar: Four of a family die within 45 days with strange disease

Karimnagar: A strange disease claimed four lives of a family within a span of 45 days. Father, mother and their two children died in between November 16 to December 30.

At first youngest member of the family Advaith (20 months) developed fever, vomiting and motions. He was admitted in a private hospital in Hyderabad after the treatment in Karimnagar failed. However, the boy died while undergoing treatment on November 16.

Then elder child Amulya (5) who developed similar symptoms died on November 29. Shocked over the death of children, Mamath fell sick on December 15, but unfortunately she also died on December 17 in a hospital in Hyderabad.

The head of the family, 34 year old Vemula Srikanth breathed his last on Friday night in a hospital in Karimnagar. He was working as a lecturer in a private college in Gangadhar.

Blood samples of Srikanth’s parents, water samples of the well from where the victim’s family used water for drinking and other purposes were collected for tests.

Despite doing different tests, medical authorities failed to find a particular reason for the deaths, as blood samples of the deceased family, water samples of the well were found normal.

Now forensic reports are awaited and are only alternative to know the reason.

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