Now you can ask questions in Urdu language on Google Bard

Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, now supports the Urdu language, expanding its capabilities beyond English. In an effort to compete with Microsoft and other AI companies, Google has introduced several new features to Bard.

One notable enhancement is the integration of Google’s powerful AI technology, used in Google Lens, into Bard. Users can now upload images for analysis by Bard, indicated by a camera icon on the search bar. This allows Bard to understand and analyze image prompts, opening up new possibilities for interaction. For instance, users can upload images of food ingredients and ask Bard to suggest recipes based on them. Additionally, Bard can provide search results accompanied by relevant photos, enhancing the accuracy and context-specificity of its responses.

In another exciting development, Google has given Bard the ability to offer users a choice between elaborate or concise responses. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard allows users to specify their preference for the type of reply they desire. Furthermore, users can now customize the tone and style of Bard’s responses with just a few clicks, thanks to a built-in option.

Google continues to expand Bard’s capabilities and make it more versatile and user-friendly. The addition of Urdu support and image analysis further solidifies Bard’s position as a leading AI chatbot in the market.

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