Numaish round the corner; know new developments to take place this season

Entrance fee is being increased to Rs 40 per person

Hyderabad: If all goes well, the All India Industrial Exhibition, the biggest entertainment and shopping opportunity for Hyderabadis will, as per its traditions, present a buzzing scene from the opening day and welcome the visitors.

The exhibition society is trying its best to see that at least 80 percent of the stall owners start their commercial activities from the opening day itself. The Exhibition Society is encouraging the stall holders to make all preparations and start their commercial activities with the opening ceremony.

The society will issue allotment letters to stall owners from Monday. Around 1,200 stalls have been allotted this time for which 2,000 applications were received. It is said that the number of stalls has been reduced due to security reasons and fire prevention rules, which will help emergency services vehicles move around the exhibition grounds easily.

It is learnt that this time the society is approaching the concerned authorities and trying to get permission to continue the exhibition till 11:30 pm during holidays.

Officials of the exhibition society argue that the markets in the city are open till midnight on normal days, so a relaxation is being sought so that the visitors of the exhibition can get enough time for shopping. The exhibition could not be held as per schedule for the last four years due to regulations related to Covid-19 and an earlier fire incident.

Earlier, the number of visitors to the 45-day exhibition used to be up to 20 lakhs and during peak days, it reached 40,000 per day. The society had to bear a huge financial loss due to the suspension of the exhibition during these four years, so the entrance fee is being increased to Rs 40 per person. The society runs several educational institutions, especially for girls, and undertakes welfare work with the proceeds from the exhibition.

One of the complaints from the visitors was that the cell phone network does not work properly at the exhibition, so this time the society is talking to various companies encouraging them to strengthen the network connectivity by installing additional mobile towers. If possible, free Wi-Fi facility will also be provided to the visitors this time.

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