Poor arrangements for Ramadan in Shahi Masjid Public Garden

Hyderabad: Yesterday Taraweeh prayer started in Shahi Masjid Public Garden like any other mosque. On this occasion, not hundreds, but thousands of Muslims gathered in the mosque for Taraweeh prayers, but due to poor arrangements, people faced lot of difficulties.

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Although a shed has been installed on a fairly large area, but no arrangement of fans or coolers has been made in this shed. Drinking water was placed in the middle where it seems impossible to access from all the sheds.

Back side of both the sheds are dirty. Apart from this, the lines of worshipers have come out of the main gate of the mosque to the public garden road and hundreds of motorcycles have also been parked there haphazardly.

If a worshiper wanted to return with his vehicle before the completion of Taraweeh prayer, it seemed impossible for him to leave because not only the two wheelers were parked haphazardly, but there were also the queues of worshipers outside the gate of the mosque.

Temporary barricades were erected to prevent the queues of worshipers from moving further out of the public garden gate and reaching the main road.

Every year it is seen that the number of people reaching the mosque for Isha and Taraweeh prayers exceeds the capacity at the designated places for prayers, so the responsible officials should make adequate arrangements for this in advance.

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