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Sankranti Kite Flying among Muslim community

Sankranti is a major festival celebrated in India, marking the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Makara (Capricorn) and the beginning of longer days. While it is traditionally a Hindu festival, it is also celebrated by many Muslims in India, particularly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

One of the most popular traditions associated with Sankranti among both Hindus and Muslims is the flying of kites. On the day of the festival, the skies of many cities and towns are filled with colorful kites of all shapes and sizes, as people of all ages participate in kite flying competitions.

In the Muslim community, kite flying on Sankranti is seen as a way to bring people together and promote unity. Many Muslims view it as a fun and enjoyable activity that allows them to celebrate the festival and connect with their neighbors, regardless of their faith.

In addition to kite flying, Muslims in India also participate in other traditions associated with Sankranti, such as the exchange of sweets and the celebration of cultural dances. These activities help to foster a sense of community and bring people together, further promoting unity and harmony within the community.

Overall, Sankranti is a time of great joy and celebration among the community in India, as people come together to participate in fun and meaningful activities that help to strengthen the bonds of friendship and community. Whether it be through kite flying, the exchange of sweets, or the celebration of cultural traditions, Sankranti is a time to come together and celebrate the joy and unity of the harvest season.

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