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Shia Board Seeks Arrest of Waseem Rizvi for Blasphemy

The board also sought a ban on Rizvi's speeches, writings and disrespectful activities against the Quran and Prophet Muhammad. It further sought termination of Rizvi's waqf board membership.

Lucknow: The All-India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB) has demanded the arrest of Shia Central Waqf Board member, Waseem Rizvi, for blasphemy, disruption of peace, law and order.

The board also sought a ban on Rizvi’s speeches, writings and disrespectful activities against the Quran and Prophet Muhammad. It further sought termination of Rizvi’s waqf board membership.

The AISPLB spokesman said, “It appears the UP government is supporting Rizvi by not taking any action against him.”

They alleged Rizvi’s views on Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen, who had insulted Islam and the Prophet, are disrespectful.

AISPLB president Maulana Syed Saim Mehdi appealed to all members across the country to hold demonstrations against Rizvi on November 16 in their districts.

“Why does the government remain silent when Rizvi disturbs peace in the state and country. The government arrests people on minor law and order issues, but Rizvi has been off the hook even though several FIRs are lodged against him. If the government maintains silence, it will be responsible for whatever happens next,” said Maulana Saim.

“Rizvi is not supported by Hindus even if he makes it appear so,” said board vice president Maulana Zahid Ahmad.

Board member Maulana Zaheer Iftekhari said, “The government is not acting against Rizvi because he is supported by communal forces. Since UP elections are near, all possibilities of creating divisions are being explored.”

Meanwhile, the much-awaited election for the post of UP Shia Central Waqf Board chairperson will be held on November 15.

The state government has issued the notification for the election in which the new chairperson will be elected from amongst the newly-appointed eight members of the Board.

The post has been lying vacant for over 18 months.

The eight members, who will elect the chairperson from among themselves include former MP Begum Noor Bano from Rampur, former chairperson of the Board Waseem Rizvi, Syed Faizi, cleric Maulana Raza Husain and Ali Zaidi from Lucknow, advocates Zaryab Jamal Rizvi of Amroha, Syed Shabahat Husain from Siddhartha Nagar, and senior consultant at district women’s hospital, Prayagraj, Dr Noorus Hasan Naqvi.

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