Why are Gaddar and Shami trending on Twitter?

But a special trend has been going on, on Twitter since this morning. The communal forces are obsessed with blaming the country's Muslims for India's defeat.

Hyderabad: India and Pakistan met in the T20 World Cup on Sunday in which India lost by 10 wickets. Competition can be won or lost. That is, winning or losing is part of the game. In addition, a cricket team consists of eleven players and the team is responsible for whatever the outcome of the competition, no single player can be held responsible for the loss or victory.

But a special trend has been going on, on Twitter since this morning. The communal forces are obsessed with blaming the country’s Muslims for India’s defeat.

This is the reason why trends are going on at Twitter in the name of #Gaddar and #Shami on whom poisonous Hindutva Sanghi fanaticas tweeting against Mohammed Shami. Indian bowler Mohammad Shami has been blamed for India’s defeat and with hate tweets he is being trolled on Twitter and Facebook.

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Mohammad Shami was bowling his fourth and final but 18th over of the match during which the Pakistan team won. In this over 17 runs scored by Pakistan batters while a total of 43 runs were scored against him.

Mohammad Shami’s performance provided an opportunity for anti-Muslim forces to target Indian minorities and they are blaming Mohammad Shami for India’s defeat.

While Mohammad Shami is being trolled on social media, Virat Kohli and former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni are also being maligned because pictures of their meetings with Pakistani cricketers on the field went viral on social media. It’s as if there’s no such thing as sportsmanship.

In addition, the Indian team had expressed solidarity bending on knees before the match with the ongoing movement called Black Lives Matter, on which the entire team is being maligned and online trolls are active in hateful Facebook posts and tweets.

A good thing is that senior players like Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag have come forward in support of Mohammad Shami.

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar tweeted in support of Mohammad Shami, calling him a world-class bowler and saying that what happened to Mohammad Shami on the day of the match could happen to any player. Apart from Sachin, players like Varinder Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan and Yuzwinder Chahal have also tweeted in support of Mohammad Shami and announced to stand by him.

Among the political leaders, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah of National Conference have endorsed Mohammad Sami. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that Mohammad Shami, we are all with you. Forgive those who are spewing poison against you because there is no one to love them.

Omar Abdullah said that Mohammad Shami is one of the 11 players who have lost to Pakistan. He has appealed to Team India to support Mohammad Shami.

Hyderabad MP and the President of the Majlis Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi, slammed those who were talking nonsense against Shami.

Complaining about the treatment of Mohammad Shami, he said that it shows the extent to which communalism, hatred and extremism have increased in the country. He asked the BJP if it would condemn it.

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